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On October 29, 2013, Sir Brian of Jersey City, NJ, formally became my new Master when W/we signed a three-month Contract of Voluntary Servitude, which was revised and renewed for a second three-month period in a contract signed on January 27, 2014. The steel chain and padlock i’m wearing in the photo above make up the “collar of protection” that He places on me when W/we are out together at a leather bar or a leather or M/s event. Once W/we leave such a venue to return to O/our respective homes — He to Jersey City, where He lives with his non-M/s partner, and me to my solo apartment in Manhattan — He removes the collar, locks it again, and gives it to me to keep safe until the next time He wishes me to wear it. Sometime in the not too distant future, He says, when W/we are both ready for a permanent Owner/property relationship, He will select a suitable 24/7 slave collar for me and ceremonially lock it on at a time and place of His choosing.

In the meantime, whenever possible W/we get together in person for a few hours at least once a week. Usually Sir Brian comes over to my apartment on a week night after His work day in NYC ends, has me strip naked except for boots, and then locks me into a custom-made five-point restraint set — purchased for His use on me — that comprises a heavy, solid steel collar, matching manacles and leg cuffs, and chains connecting them. Then W/we share a dinner that i have cooked and talk about what's going on in O/our lives, in the relationship, and whatever else He wishes to discuss.

Sometimes there is more active BDSM play, from boot worship to flogging, whatever He’s in the mood for and i am able to handle given my severe osteoarthritis. And sometimes instead W/we go out together to an entertainment event or, more typically, the monthly meetings of the Jersey City Gay Men’s chapter of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together), of which Sir Brian is now the Director, or that of another community group, such as the committee that organizes New York’s annual Leather Pride Night fundraiser, on which Sir Brian now serves as the representative of MAsT:JCGM.

Given my age (65 on July 17, 2013) and state of health, i expect that this will be my last M/s relationship — i hope that i have finally learned enough from my prior “failures” as a slave to get it right this time! Although Sir Brian is a little more than half my age, He has already learned so much about such relationships, and about life in general, that i trust Him totally. Moreover, i am extremely grateful to be one of the first members of His leather family, which He calls the Order of the Seekers. Over the years, through research for my writing and my service to various community organizations, i have gotten to know many Masters, both gay and otherwise. Sir Brian is one of the very best, and it is a privilege, an honor, and a joy to serve Him in any way He requires. Sir, thank You, Sir!

The silver chain and turquoise disc i'm wearing in the photo above were gifts from my Guardian at the time, Master Steve, founder of Butchmanns Inc.. It was Master Steve who helped me rediscover my “heart of slave” after a couple of painfully ended M/s relationships made me feel that i could no longer follow this path. His teaching is that “heart of slave” is innate, and though being collared and owned by a Master fulfills a slave’s nature, it does not create it. So even when i was not in service, i still saw myself as someone who exists in order to serve and whose greatest happiness comes from obedience — despite my ego’s tendency to mount occasional last-ditch rebellions, LOL!

Master Steve retired from the leather lifestyle in 2008 and is now a full-time Buddhist priest living relatively quietly. It was a great honor to belong to his extended family for ten years, and i will always be grateful both for his teaching and for his letting me be a part of his life.

This website exists to be of service to Masters, slaves, bondage enthusiasts, and others who share some of my interests and enthusiasms. Except for a few photos of me and illustrations created for some of my writing, the pages consist of text and links only, and while the content frequently concerns the erotic, nothing here is obscene. Still, if homosexuality, bondage, consensual slavery, or SM practices offend you, i respectfully advise against following any of the links below.

In April 2009 i joined the ranks of self-publishers by releasing a nonfiction book of profiles of actual long-term gay Master/slave relationships, Ask the Man Who Owns Him, as well as a collection of my short fiction, Boots, Bondage, and Beatings, under my own Perfectbound Press imprint. In the years since, i have also published books of M/s-themed short stories by Thom Magister, The Slave Journals and Other Tales of the Old Guard, and Christopher Pierce, Winner Takes All, and most recently Thom Magister's playful look at the history of the leather bar, BIKER BAR: Bikes Beer & Boys, as well as his book of super-butch paper dolls, Leathermen Paper Dudes. All are available in paperback on Amazon.com, BN.com, and in a few stores in NYC and San Francisco. The three books of erotic stories are also available as ebooks from Amazon, BN.com, and the iBooks store. More publications are in the works! Bookmark the Perfectbound Press website so you don't miss anything.

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When i first went online, via AOL, i wanted to use "david stein" as my screen name, since i am pretty far out of the closet, but there are too many others with the same name, and i didn’t want to be "david st738" or the like. So i cast around for an appropriate handle and settled on "gorgik," after a character in the Neveryön series of fantasy novels by Samuel R. Delany. Gorgik was a slave who found himself freed by chance, and he decided to dedicate his life to eradicating the institution of slavery. He also found, however, that he was incapable of performing sexually (usually with another man) unless either he or his partner wore his old slave collar. That seemed to be a good metaphor for someone like myself, who spent years in the struggle to liberate gay and s/m sexuality yet wanted nothing more than to be happily enslaved. While i always sign my real name to my posts online, i am proud to carry (with the author’s permission) the name of this protohistorical gay hero. But now i can also be reached at a new main email address, davidsteinnyc@gmail.com.
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